Everything you need to know about becoming a Lash Artist

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If you love creating looks with make-up, have an innate desire to make others feel good, you have an aesthetic sense to create perfection, if you are passionate with professionalism and patient enough to satisfy clients, a keen eye for details, Congratulations!!! You are eligible to become a lash artist. Well! By now, you must be wondering how to pursue your passion into a profession as a lash artist? You might be asking yourself is it worth it to become one?

A thought might have crossed your mind about how much money you might earn after starting it as a business. To get answers to all your questions, grab a seat, pull out your cushion and let us take you through all your concerns.


Is Being a Lash Artist Worth it? 🤔

No look is complete without eye make-up. Beautiful eyes are a dream of every fashionista, and fuller lashes make this dream come to fruition. With the increasing demand for perfect lashes in the beauty and fashion industry, the lash businesses are booming right now. There are many perks of becoming a lash artist such as flexible schedule, you are your own boss and you can work as little or as much as you want. Being a lash tech you meet amazing clients, you get to know people from different walks of life and many clients be your life long friends. Lash Tech career path comes with unlimited growth opportunities, you can scale up your lash business massively, introduce your own product line and be a lash educator. Most importantly when choosing lash artist career path, you would have great job security and skill that you can always sell and earn, being a lash tech you have unlimited potential of earning if you work hard and smart. As a beginner lash tech, if you take courses to get trained, you’d be able to recover training costs with just few initial clients.

Nikolette Moore in Becoming a certified lash technician says,

You can make upwards of $50,000 a year if you are a skilled and well-marketed lash technician, and then your clientele and revenue will continue to increase as you become more well-known and experienced in coming years.

There are many examples to prove this statement, the renowned  Queen of Lash Extensions’ Jo Mousselli, started her career as a nurse but her love for lash pulled her into the world of lashing. Now, she`s the owner of a  15years old lashing brand and has multiple awards on her name in the List of 2011 and Gulf Coast Area Finalist in 2011 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year.  The same[Q3]  goes with Anna Philips who started her career in a little salon now she owns 111 salons with a record of 90,000 satisfied customers. According to an estimate from lash lounge research, owners of the franchise have the capacity of earning up to $734,000 for each location. This list goes on and on.


Certified V/S Self-taught Lash Artist 🙋‍♀️

There are multiple types of fake eyelashes to choose from based on the preferences of material, method of application, the shape of the eyes, and preferred time span. Only a certified lash technician can make the right choice. Since eyes are the most sensitive organ and in order for the clients to trust you with chemicals and gules on their eyes you better need to be a certified professional. In fact, in some states of America  only having a certificate is not just enough, you need to get a license to become a lash technician. After getting a certificate, on average, you need to practice for three to six months under a certified professional to get the license. Self-learning not only helps and benefits you but in order to professionally provide services, you need to have license, or else in severe cases-clients have the right to sue. So to remain on the safer and legal side get your license to start the business.

Tips to become a successful Lash Artist 💁‍♀️

Now, that you are sure that you want to become a lash artist, join us on a journey towards self-improvement and growth. You need to follow these steps in order to become a well-reputed lash artist:

  • Find the Right Course
  • Start by making research. Watch YouTube videos by keeping your end goal in mind it will pay you a return Don't just rely on videos. Meanwhile, these videos might introduce you to well-reputed eye lash companies that offer online and on-campus courses. The National Association of Lash Artists (commonly known as the NALA Global Directory) can help you find course. Choose the classic course if you are a beginner. Now, that you have chosen the right institute to get a certificate as a lash artist, keep an eye on the next steps.

  • Invest time, energy, and Money with Patience
  • This step is simple and obvious, in order to achieve something, you need to put input. If you are pursuing it as a full-time career don't shy away from investing your time, energy, and money into this career. Give your time, it might take longer for you to become a professional. But more time, energy, and effort you put into something, more rewarding that thing becomes. Be patient you might face difficulties in the beginning, but we promise it will reward you in the longer run.

  •  Importance of a Muse and Mentor
  • For an esthetician having a muse is important as all the great artists in different fields of arts create with the help of a muse Humans need inspiration to keep working forward so do you, you might find this inspiration in the shape of a friend with professional skills, a fashion guru. Likewise, having a mentor is important too who will keep you aware of your strengths and weaknesses. Don`t underestimate the friendly bonding with a fellow professional, it will take you on a journey with a destination of perfection and professionalism.

  • Get Experience
  • Money shouldn’t be your end goal but productivity and perfection. Don`t just jump right into giving costly services remember you are not an expert just yet. Instead, offer a few free trials to your clients or work under an experienced professional. It is important for you to build trust and healthy relationships with the clients. [Q4] When you are sure that you have got years of experience in your basket, Kudos! Now, you can start earning.


  • Sale your Services smartly
  • Start smart by setting prices above the average market price, always make sure to deliver the best quality of lashes that speaks it self, You are a cheap lash tech if your client's aren't complaining that, “you're too expensive” 💸


    Developing your Lash Brand Checklist ✅📃

  • Brand Name
  • Use your creative faculties. Come up with a suitable name for your brand to attract more customers. The brand name alone should be enough to create a persuasive desire in the customers.

  • You heard that right location matters!
  • Lashing equals self-care, so start off by finding a suitable place to attract more clients. Choose the venue wisely after that create a soothing environment in your salon to make the clients feel at peace. The space should be appropriately lit and beautifully designed with suitable décor, and calming music.

  • Promotions, Promotions and Promotions.
  • Don`t underestimate the power of social media to spread your voice to the world. Create a Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube page for promotion and announcement purposes. Use the power of social media and loyal previous clients and friends to promote your brand. Create beautiful brochures to lure more clients to your beauty lounge.

  • Set exciting deals
  • Start your newly developed business by setting exciting deals for the customers. Quality of services should be preferred over the quantity of services, since it’s better to be a master of one skill rather than being a jack of all trades. Facilitate the clients as much as you can, it will pay your business in the long term.

  • Create a friendly community
  • Create a connection by Building a relationship with other eyelash technicians and beauty specialists so that you can work with the masses to develop your business.

  • Offer courses
  • Now that you have knowledge! Feel free to share it with the beginners. Offer courses so that you can spread the light of your knowledge and earn a reward in return.