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      Racing with the eyelash techs in a highly competitive niche is a herculean task. You cannot compromise on any section of your lashing whether it be lash tools, application of lashes or lash retention.

      No Worries, We Care your repute and love to make you grow exponentially. Making sure the right things come to the client by choosing right pair of tweezers.

      Remember that: a bad tweezers can get you fail miserably and a right tweezers can make you among top-of-the-line aesthetician. For us, a tweezer that can lie gently in your hand, pick up fans and extensions quickly and placing on lash line artistically is the ultimate LOVE. A tweezers that care you more than BFF!

      Why is it important to choose right pair of tweezers?

      As an expert lash tech, you had to rely heavily on your tools. The likelihood of error remains high with bad choice of tools. It can result in eye reactions, misalignment of lashes, failing to hold lashes appropriately.

      OBV. You damn care for the price, but quality does matter for you.

      Your right Pair of TWEEZERS, must manufacture with premium Japanese stainless steel. A material that can absorb shocks while dropping down at the floor. It’s Hand-calibrated tips can resist its deformation and misalignment. Its weight doesn’t cause to hand strain, and wrist stiffness.

      How Japanese Steel is better than the rest?

      Japanese Steel is considered as one of the finest materials used for beauty products. It has alloys of carbon, iron and other elements such as chromium and manganese. The high carbon content in Japanese steel is strong and shock absorbent. Yet, it is preferred for professional use.  Its impeccable properties make it corrosion-resistant, durable and work longer than the ordinary steel made tweezers.

      What are different types of tweezers and what they do?

      You can find plenty of tweezers in the market with least information what can they do for you. We like to aware you about most common tweezers that most lash techs get. Isolation, volume and curved are three lash essentials to serve basic needs of lashing. And, angled tip, dolphin tweezers, and S Curve Tweezers, designed for advancing your lash skills. Here is how:

       - Straight/isolation tweezers: these tweezers angled straight, pointy tips and used for isolation of natural lashes primarily.

      - Volume Tweezers: these tweezers have unusual curvature, moving horizontal with the surface and reaching up the tip. Their angle makes the right angle for choosing eyelash from the tray, fanning volume and keep the eyelash base sticky.

      - Curved Tweezers: these tweezers designed with special angular tip to place lash inside the lash line. Its curved angle allows you to passes through eyebrow ridge smoothly and never loose grip over lashes.

       - Angled Tip Tweezers: these tweezers are designed to master clamping, grafting, and isolating eyelashes.

       - Dolphin Tweezers: these tweezers designed to place the lashes inner/outer corner of lash line. Its design allows you to isolate fans without hurting the upper eye ridge, making lashing journey easier.

       - S Curved Tweezers: these tweezers curved rightly from its top in a way that curved slightly inner to make a accurate posture for placing lashes without damaging eye ridge and nose of the client.

      What you need to care about?

      For us, your care and protection come first. Note that: eyelash extension tweezers are pointy that can cause injury to your children and pets. So, keep them away from your children. Always wipe solvent on the tip of the tweezers to remove adhesive so that tip remains pointy. We advise you to wear a protector cap on tweezers after every use for long life. And, never tap the tweezers against hard surface.

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      Gladly, we have all those tweezers that a lash tech wants. Getting our tweezers is the best investment you are making for quality lash supplies. If your career is just growing up, never risk your repute in lash industry.

      A good lash tech strives to establish a good relationship with their clients. It starts with your exceptional service and end up smiling both – YOU and the CLIENT. To do that, we assisting you with our ROYAL SUMMER SERIES & FANTASTIC FOUR – a collection of Japanese Steel Eyelash Tweezers.