Super Strong Lash Extension Glue - Sivote Lashes
Super Strong Lash Extension Glue - Sivote Lashes
Super Strong Lash Extension Glue - Sivote Lashes
Super Strong Lash Extension Glue - Sivote Lashes
Super Strong Lash Extension Glue - Sivote Lashes
Super Strong Lash Extension Glue - Sivote Lashes
Super Strong Lash Extension Glue - Sivote Lashes

Super Strong Eyelash Extensions Glue

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Super strong eyelash extension glue by sivote lashes is a high-quality lash adhesive that is one of the favorite lash glue of many international lash experts.

 It is a top-notch and professional-level lash adhesive. Super strong eyelash extensions glue is a practically strong adhesive that gives a sturdy bond to your lash extension.

Beauty grabs the attention of everyone and what could be more attractive than beautiful, deep eyes with a curtain of dense and dreamy eyelashes? 

The concept of false lashes is incomplete without a high-quality lash adhesive that turns these false extensions into natural, finished, and long-lasting ones. Sivote super strong eyelash extension glue is just a perfect partner for your lash extensions.

Details of this amazing product are mentioned below in a chart.

Skill Level  Intermediate to Advanced
Dry Time 1-2 Seconds
Retention Time Up to 8 Weeks
Fumes ⭐⭐⭐
Color Black
Ingredients Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Carbon Black
Quantity 2 Bottles, 3ml each


Physical Specifications of Super Strong Lash Extension Glue :

  • Ingredients : 

Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Carbon 

  • Consistency :

Sivote Super Strong Eye Lash Extension glue does not have a viscous consistency so it takes less drying time.

  • Color :

This lash glue is black. The black color glue gives more dramatic beauty to your eyes. You can wear water-based eyeliner to add more elegance to your eyes.


Technical Specifications of Our Lash Extension Glue :

  • Bond time :

Sivote Super Strong EyeLash glue provides bonding power for up to 6 weeks of retention with medium fumes.

  • Shelf life :

Our Eyelash Extension glue has a shelf life of up to 6 months for an unopened bottle in the fridge. Once opened it can last up to 4 weeks.

  • Drying time : 

This strong lash glue is a fast-drying adhesive. Its drying time is just 1 _ 2 seconds.


Distinguished Features of Super Strong Lash Extension Glue :

  • Long lasting :

Super strong eyelash extension glue is a perfect adhesive for your lash extensions as it is long-lasting. This hair glue for extensions gives your lashes a long retention of up to 6 _ 8 weeks. Super strong lash glue is formulated to give you hassle-free and easy-to-manage lash extensions.

  • Fast drying :

A crucial feature of a perfect lash glue is that it should dry fast. However, only experts or professional artists can manage fast-drying glue for lash extensions. 

Eyelash Extension Adhesive is fast drying adhesive with low viscosity. Its drying time is only 1 _ 2 seconds.

However, you must follow the recommended temperature and humidity level while applying advanced lash glue for perfect strength and bonding.

  • Hypoallergenic :

Lash Extension Adhesive is a perfect adhesive for your eyes as it has fewer fumes so it is scientifically tested hypoallergenic. This lash glue is well-suited for sensitive eyes and does not irritate.

Eyes and eyelids are delicate areas in your skin, so always choose eye products wisely. Super Strong Eyelash Extension Glue is a perfect lash adhesive for your sensitive eyes.


How to Use :

Our strong eyelash extension adhesive is a quality lash adhesive specially formulated for the professional level. Here is the process for the perfect application.

First, take a small drop of eyelash extensions glue and dip the base of one strand of extension into it. Don't pick too much glue as it will not dry quickly. Also don't pick very less glue as it will not fix your strand appropriately. 

Fix that glue-dipped strand of extension on the marked point of the eyelid and blend that with natural lashes. Let the glue dry. Work patiently one by one for all the desired number of extension strands.

strong eyelash extension adhesive works wonders if you follow all the recommended directions.

Click here for the proper step-by-step process of how to use it.👇

Step by Step Process


Precautions :

It is very important to handle the process of wearing eyelash extensions with extra care and precautions because eyes are sensitive and you can get irritated if you choose a not-so-right lash glue for the fixing.

Here are some precautions which you must consider while applying:

  • Avoid contact with eyes:

It is a very important precaution that we must take care of. Always avoid the contact of lash glue with your eyes. The lash adhesive has some chemicals which can cause allergies or irritation to the eyes. We prefer to get this service always from a lash technician or professional.

  • Use Proper Ventilation During the Process.  

Proper Ventilation is a must if you want a hassle-free lash extension process. Hair glue for eyelash extensions contains some ingredients that are not so safe to diffuse in the open air so, try to use proper ventilators in your lash room.

  • Adjust the Recommended Levels of Temperature and Humidity 

There are specific temperature and humidity levels required for the proper fixing of eyelash extensions. So always follow these levels for better retention without any irritation or mishandling. 

The ideal temperature for the smooth application of Super Strong Eye Lash Extension Glue is between 20 to 25° C | 68 to 77° F. And the ideal humidity level is 50% to 75%.

We suggest that you should adjust the temperature in your lash room by using AC, fan, or heating, and use a humidifier or dehumidifier for the adjustment of humidity.

  • Avoid Using New Drop To the Previous One.

You should take a fresh drop of Super Strong Eye Lash Extensions glue by sivote lashes while working. Avoid adding a fresh drop of glue to the previous one as it will make the glue thick which will take more drying time plus it will not give you a smooth application.


Quality and Safety :

Eyelash extensions have become more common these days. You can find numerous lash extension accessories in the market. But when it comes to glue for eyelash extensions Our product comes on top as this is a high-quality adhesive with ideal formulation and neat presentation.

Super Strong Eyelash Extension glue has the following salient features that make him distinguished from its competitors. 

📌  It is completely latex free.

📌  It has fewer fumes than its competitors 

📌  it is proven cruelty-free.

📌  It is available in two bottles of 3 ml each. So you don't need to worry about the wastage of the whole bottle.

Super Strong Lash Extension glue by sivote lashes is a top-quality lash adhesive and it meets all the essential criteria and international standards of lash glue. It is ISO 9001, FDA-approved product. So you can use it confidently without having any doubts.


Guidelines for Lash Artists :

Handling eyelash extensions is not a game for everyone. Only eyelash experts can deal with them perfectly and proficiently. The lash artists know all the basics, tricks, and specifications involved in lash games. 

However, we are mentioning some mandatory guidelines for lash artists for working with Super strong eyelash extensions glue :

  • Adjust the Level of Humidity the

It is very important to maintain the temperature and humidity in your workspace for eyelash extensions. Get the true reading of your room's temperature and use a humidifier and dehumidifier to adjust the humidity. Otherwise, the result of lash extensions will not be up to mark.

  • Wash Lashes before Use

This might be a reason for not sticking the lash extension well. Always wash the natural lashes properly with lash shampoo to clean any residue. Tidy eyelid and natural lashes help in the process of fixing extensions. 

  • Shake Well Before Use

Shake the bottle of lash glue very well before every drop. You can use a vortex shaker for a proper shake. Always shake it sideways and not in an up-down direction.

  • Take out the Air Bubbles from Bottle Before Use.

You should shake and press the bottle of eyelash extension glue. By pressing the bottle you will take out the air bubble from the lash glue and it will help in proper bonding.

  • Always Work With Fresh Drop

Take a fresh drop of adhesive every time. Put a tiny drop and dip the base of strands in it. Take a fresh glue drop every 15 _ 20 minutes.

  • Pick up the Right Amount of Glue 

It is very crucial to know the right amount of glue required for your client. You have to study the skin type along with their natural lash type and desired lash type as well. Curly lashes usually require more glue while the normal extension needs a small bead of glue.

  • Tightly close the cap after every use.

The bottle of eyelash extension glue must be kept tightly closed after every use otherwise this adhesive may lose its actual consistency and it will affect their sticking.


Common Problems Regarding Eyelash Extension Glue and their Solutions :

It is reported that eyelash technicians face some common problems while handling lash glue for eyelash extensions. In this guide, we are providing easy hacks for these mishaps.


📌 Eyelash adhesive loses its consistency:

Solution: It may happen if you don't rightly store eyelash glue. Always put the opened bottle of lash adhesive in a cool and dark place. We suggest you put it in your cupboard, drawer, or in any hidden place which is away from heat or sunlight.


📌 Maintenance of temperature is not so easy:

Solution: The easiest way to maintain the required temperature in your lash room is to use an AC or fan. Also, invest in a humidifier and a dehumidifier to control the level of humidity.


📌 Some clients get irritation or allergies as they are super sensitive.

Solution: Some people are so sensitive that they might get irritated even with a mild adhesive. However, it is an ideal option for lash experts to use nano-mister. It will minimize the risk of any probable irritation. It's a mild mist that will seal the adhesive so the vapors of glue can't diffuse around.



If you are looking for professional-grade eyelash extension glue, go and grab the amazing Super strong lash extension glue. It is one of the best lash adhesives with latex-free formula. This eyelash adhesive provides you retention of 6 to 8 weeks.

 It is hypoallergenic, so even people with sensitive skin issues can get the dramatic gift of dreamy eyelash extensions with this strong adhesive. That's why Our lash extension glues is one of the favorite lash adhesives of many renowned last technicians.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Pretty Easy!

My results were very good for the first time..! I placed a drop of glue on a clean saucer and dipped each individual eyelash into the solution. They have stayed in place, problem-free for three days so far.

My client swan in her lashes and they are still ON, Best customer service ever 10/10

Every question I had, they answered.
I had a LOT! They even made suggestions as to why my lashes weren’t lasting and now they are! Very very thankful I caught this sale.


Great customer service!! Great glue strength when working under specific recommended humidity and temp

Amazing lash glue !

I have been lashing for several years and would like to drop some tips for fellow lash techs so you can get the best out of this glue:

if you are having a problem with lashes not sticking, it could be due to the following reasons:

1. A good lash bath for everyone with fan dry. Prime only visibly oily clients.

2. Shake the glue properly for 2 minutes atleast before every drop, it would b even better if you invest in a vortex shaker to do it effortlessly. shake it sideways ( not up down so the nozzle does not get clogged). Make sure you change the glue drop every 15-20 minutes.

3. Your glue could be drying too fast; this could either be due to your room being too hot, high humidity, or both. It could also be your lashing speed is slow so either reduce humidity and temprature or get a slower drying time glue. SIVOTE has all glues from 0.5s up to 4s.

4. Do not fan dry during lash application as it blows away the humidity in the air which is trying to cure the glue.

It’s always a bit of a learning curve and finding what works best for you according to your style and environment. Just follow all the tips and you will have BOMB retention and a happy Clientele.

Amazing lash glue !

Love it! The dry time is literally 1 second! Great to use when doing lash extensions. The retention is great! SIVOTE lash brand just gained a new customer can’t wait to try the other products!

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Fresh purchased, unopened bottles of lash glue can be stored in the refrigerator for up to six months.  But once you open them, never put them back in the fridge. Because storing opened lash glue in the fridge can cause condensation to build up inside the bottle.

Any type of lash extensions look natural if you choose the right according to your eye shape and fix them properly. However, lashes with transparent or nude band colors look more natural. But you can apply black gel or a thick liquid liner to camouflage even a lash with black band color.

Yes, we can wear eyeliner with eyelash extensions, but lash technicians recommend avoiding waterproof eyeliner. Waterproof eyeliner can be very tricky and time-consuming to take off. Instead, we should pick a water-based gel eyeliner that will be easy to wipe off.

It will take between 24 to 48 hours for your eyelash extensions glue to  dry fully.

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