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      Lashing is an exciting career for young Babes. BUT, it also demands for some responsibility as you are beautifying eyes – the most beautiful as well as sensitive part of human body. Choose your kit wisely that can smile your client rather landing her in the hospital. You cannot compromise on any section of your lashing whether it be lash tools, application of lashes or lash retention. Our Advice is to spend more time while choosing lash glue.


      No Worries, we help you out in choosing right glue. We believe in making you grow exponentially. Making sure the right things come to the client by choosing right glue.


      Why is it important to choose right type of glue?

      As an expert lash tech, choosing lash glue is the trickiest part of your lashing career. Lash retention had to rely heavily on the lash glue. Any inappropriate lash glue can cause eye reactions, burning, swelling or misalignment of lashes, or failing to hold lashes.


      So, what type of glue serves WHAT?


      What are different types of glue and what they do?


      Below is the brief educational guide for each type of glue, what it contains, how long it takes to dry, and expected retention.

      1. Extreme Lash Extension Glue uses ingredients i.e., Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate, Carbon Black. It serves advanced skill level. THAT MEANS: only experience and professional lash techs should use it. Its dry time is less than the rest of lash glues as 0.5-1 seconds. With its extreme properties, its retention time is upto 8 weeks having thin viscosity and high fumes.
      2. Super Strong Lash Extension Glue uses ingredients i.e., Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, and Carbon Black. It serves intermediate to advanced skill level. Its dry time is 1-2 seconds and expected retention time is upto 8 weeks. It comes with low viscosity and higher fumes.
      • Strong Lash Extension Glue uses Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Carbon Black as an ingredient. The skills level lies between intermediate to advanced level. It holds low viscosity and medium fumes. Its retention time is upto 8 weeks and dry in 1-2 seconds.
      1. Clear Super Strong Transparent Lash Extension Glue uses Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate as an ingredient. This glue is for professional lash tech only for intermediate to advanced level. It is not suitable for sensitive eyes or DIY, clusters, or strip lashes. With low viscosity and medium fumes, its try dry time is 1-2 seconds and retain lashes upto 8 weeks.
      2. Sensitive Lash Extension Glue uses Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, 2-Methoxyethyl a-Cyanoacrylate, Bismaleimide, 2-hydroxy-3-tert-butyl-5-methylphenyl, Carbon Black. This glue is for professional lash techs only beginners to intermediate level. It is not suitable for sensitive eyes or DIY, clusters, or strip lashes. With medium viscosity and no fumes, its retention time is upto 5 weeks and dry within 3-4 seconds.

      Pro Tip:

      How you can easily adjust temperature inside room? The easiest way is to use AC, fan or heating, and to increase or decrease the humidity, use a humidifier or dehumidifier. 


      How to ensure maximum retention?

      There are number of things to consider for maximum retention. It mainly depends on type of glue you are using. Some of the general considerations are:

      1. Level of humidity: each glue has certain threshold of humidity to work the best. Before buying any glue, read the instructions on the bottle to adjust humidity and temperature of the room.
      2. Wash natural lashes rightly: if any residue left on natural lashes after washing it can mess up placing false lashes. Therefore, it had better to wash natural lashes with SIVOTE lash shampoo/foam properly.
      3. Using retention boosters: It helps to open cuticles and allow the glue to bond better with a natural lash. Use them!
      4. Use of right viscosity: Retention is also corelated with type of natural lashes a client has. For those clients who have curly eyelashes, it is better to use glue that has a high viscosity, using a low viscosity glue will decrease the retention of the extensions.
      5. Keep Glue protected: while buying a lash glue, check if it is fresh. Shake it well before each drop and usage. Take out the airby pressing the bottle. Make sure you ALWAYS work with a fresh glue drop (it's preferred to change a glue drop every 10-20 minutes - or even more frequently during the hot months). Make sure to NOT add fresh glue to the previous drop of the glue, to avoid glue getting thick. Make sure you pick up a good amount of glue - a too-small bead that is not visible or a very thin layer of adhesive might not be enough to hold the extension on the natural lash for the next few weeks
      6. Glue drop used should be neither too large(the greater the surface, the more the adhesive will come in contact with the air), nor too small (the glue drop will dry too fast).
      7. Check if your attachment is correct: there should be at least a 2mm attachment with the natural lash, with no split or crisscrossed bases.
      8. Cap the bottle and store it in a cool and dry place



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